Urgent Care

Urgent Care – Get The Life-Saving Treatment At IVUC       

Are you feeling an immediate need for urgent care? IVUC is always around to help you in those odd hours of difficulty. In those rush hours, we don’t want you to get in queue for the treatment because for us, your life is precious. This is why we have made our urgent care services easy to avail by eliminating appointments. Just simply walk into our emergency room if you feel your fever symptoms have triggered to the life-threatening levels or injuries have wreaked havoc on your life. We always have our doctors ready to treat a wide range of emergency health issues, so stay assured that you will get the required treatment right away. Wait no more for contacting us!

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IVUC Emergency Care Services Include But Not Limited To:             

  • Lightheaded Feeling
  • Road Injuries/Minor Cuts
  • Serious Urinary Tract Infections
  • Pediatric Physical/Well Check
  • Deadly Virus and Bacterial infections
  • Seasonal Infection Symptoms In Children
  • Life-Threatening Women’s Health Issues
  • Seasonal Colds, Viral Fever And Infections
  • Anytime When You Feel Something Is Bothering Your Health

What Does An Emergency Care Mean At IVUC?

From checking-in to availing treatment at our center, everything is streamlined in a way that not even a single minute goes waste in wondering what to do. We want you to get better sooner when your life is at stake. Our certified pediatricians are always ready to go extra miles because we care for you. To make an access to emergency treatments gets accelerated to many folds; we have kept patient forms available online. Simply fill them out and you are ready to avail the treatment right away. All discomforts have been eliminated out of the process. We accept a majority of insurance plans and never hesitate to offer discounts to those who are still underinsured.

Avail Life-Saving Emergency Care In Minutes! Call IVUC At +985 524 223!

Description: Finding trouble for getting instant access to urgent care? Contact IVUC for availing an immediate emergency care that could prove life-saving at times.

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